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By , May 18, 2019
2017 Blue Lynx Prize Winner

Woman in Red


By Marc Harshman

Winner of the 2017 Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry

$17.95 Paperback (9780899241616)
Published: September 2018
70 pages, 6 x 8.5 in.
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In Marc Harshman’s prize-winning collection, actual war, age, and disaster mingle with dream and hallucinatory sadness to produce an edgy sweetness few American poets have managed to give us. The voices of the lost, and found, are strangely like our own, and the stories they tell, or imply, are familiar without ever seeming the least bit stale or contrived. For all the sadness in their subject matter, the poems are deeply humane, affectionate, restorative, and brilliantly told. The work is a unique treasure.

MARC HARSHMAN‘s most recent collection of poems, Believe What You Can won the Weatherford Award from the Appalachian Studies Association. His poems have been widely published in journals, including The Georgia ReviewShenandoahSalamanderThe Chariton Review, and many others. He is currently poet laureate of West Virginia.

“I have admired for years Marc Harshman’s poetry for its sanity and its eye on our great teacher, history. In this captivating book, Harshman leads us inside a startling rapid-lens simultaneity of events: wars, environmental annihilations, deaths of elders, loves lost and restored, and, mysteriously, strangers’ missives and actions which inspire the poet to declare ‘I am suspicious of magic and compromise, / and satisfied to simply make room for wonders.’ This is a great gift, of course, as it means these poems are the kind we return to and re-read. Specters are omnipresent—I think of John Clare, and Hardy, and James Wright. Accompanying the breathtaking invisibles, always, are real and present people and things, beheld in beauty.”

– Judith Vollmer

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