Starlight Taxi

By , January 10, 2014
Book cover of Starlight Taxi by Roy Bentley

Cover of Starlight Taxi


Roy Bentley

$15.95 paperback (9780899241302)
hardcover not available
Published: August 2013
96 Pages, 6 x 9 in.
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Humor, memory, violence, and elegy twine and separate in these peopled, dramatic, beautifully realized poems filled with characters pressing on through all the loss, disappointment, and ordinary confusions of living.

Roy Bentley is the author of The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana.

I know of no other poet this percussive, this relentless, this unswerving—poem after poem, his dedication to even debilitating truth will not allow him to flinch. His authority is such that as we read him we feel that, yes, this is the life we’ve lived and are responsible for.  -William Heyen

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