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Promises: Poems

New and Selected

By Ray Amorosi

$22.95 Paperback (9780899241586)
$30.00 Hardcover (9780899241593)
Published: June 2018
200 Pages, 6 x 8.5 in.
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Ray Amorosi’s poems are beyond unusual; they are unique. Their blending of speed and stillness, their strange freewheeling way with punctuation and all forms of predictable usage, and the blinding freshness and honesty of their discoveries have no precise equal in contemporary American poetry. This book brings together the best from his five previous volumes and offers a trove of new work that is sure to astonish.

RAY AMOROSI was born and grew up in Boston. He has graduate degrees from Michigan State University and the University of Massachusetts. His previous books of poetry include LazarusGnawing on a Thin ManIn PraiseFlim Flam, and A Generous Wall. He presently lives in Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts, close by a river and the sea.

“What do we look for in poetry? For my part, I know that I want emotional authenticity, integrity with respect to truth, and a backlog of experience that brings wealth and weight to the language. Ray Amorosi has given us a book that satisfies these desires amply, again and again, surprising us with its fierce rightness, its dark humor, its fundamental humanity.”
-David Young

“I think these poems are pretty wonderful. They feel like the inside of rapture and defeat, but they are dark and swerve a lot, which are things I do not associate with rapture, and that interests me. I like the mixture of lusty and yeasty, along with a kind of innocence that seems attached to receptivity and light. And I like the astonishment that feels unlike any contemporary poetry I know: the voice, while not archaic or dated in the least, seems to come out of some earlier time.”
-Michele Glazer

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