Open 24 Hours

By , September 9, 2014
Book cover of Open 24 Hours by Suzanne Lummis

Cover of Open 24 Hours


Suzanne Lummis

$16.95 paperback (9780899241388)
hardcover not available
Published: September 2014
80 pages, 6 x 8.5 in.
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Suzanne Lummis’ poetry can be found in the anthologies California Poetry from the Gold Rush to the Present, New California Writers 2012, Poems of the American West, Poems of Murder and Mayhem, and in Human and Inhuman Monstrous Verse. They have appeared in national magazines including Ploughshares, The Hudson Review, The Ohio Review, Hotel Amerika, The Antioch Review, and many others.

With candor, power, and poignancy, Suzanne Lummis illuminates the glorious absurdities of our lives, especially the pride and paranoia that arise from living in an urban landscape. Nobody can ride a metaphor bareback better than this poet, and nobody delivers her work to the page with as much sass and wry humor. If Los Angeles were to have its own poet laureate, my choice would be Suzanne Lummis. -David St. John

If L.A. has anything like a poetry ‘community’ these days, I think it is in large part owing to the presence of Suzanne Lummis-one of L.A.’s major poetic voices, a highly influential teacher of the art of poetry; a keeper of the dark flame of L.A. noir. -B. H. Fairchild

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