If This World Falls Apart

By , May 18, 2011
Book cover for If This World Falls Apart by Lou Lipsitz

Cover of If This World Falls Apart


Lou Lipsitz

$15.95 paperback (9780899241210)
hardcover not available
Published: 2011
80 Pages, 6 x 8.5 in.
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Winner of the Blue Lynx Prize for 2010

At last, here is a beautiful new book from Lou Lipsitz, one of the great, clear voices of the Vietnam War era. The early work was much admired for its crystalline imagery, concision, and tonal freshness; the new poems combine all of this with deep reflection upon the ways in which we are known and unknown to ourselves.

A grave serenity attends the poems in Lou Lipsitz’s If This World Falls Apart. Like an archeologist of the heart, Lipsitz examines those obdurate fragments the past tosses ‘into the shattered / treasure house of another day,’ and reassembles them with a clear-eyed, buoyant affection. This book is a gift.
– Gary Young

Lou Lipsitz is the author of Cold Water, Reflections on Samson, and Seeking the Hook. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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