Fire in the Conservatory

By , August 31, 2017
Book cover of Fire in the Conservatory by Linda Gregerson

Cover of Fire in the Conservatory


Linda Gregerson

$14.00 paperback (9780899241487)
$19.95 hardcover (9780899241494)

Published: August 2016
70 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
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Linda Gregerson’s honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, four Pushcart Prizes, the Kingsley Tufts Award, and the selection of her fourth book, Magnetic North, as a National Book Award finalist. She is a professor at the University of Michigan, and is currently a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Fire in the Conservatory, her celebrated first book, is now made available again for the first time in nearly two decades.

These poems by Linda Gregerson are ‘as good for the heart as conscious election,’ as one of them has it. The raising to consciousness of the heart’s many and often opaque concerns is he major work, and on its behalf her vivid sympathy brings before us a wonderfully various cast of characters: Goering, Barnum and Baily, The Magdalen, Albert Speer and ‘Washington Stokes, retired, who cleaned fish to order for fifty-nine years.’ Even George Steinbrenner makes a cameo appearance. They are all both new and recognizable, the way we are strange and familiar to ourselves in heightened moments such as the reading of her poems can bring. – William Matthews

Intense and athletic, Linda Gregerson’s poetry is possessed in the best senses of the term: craft and passion. – Marvin Bell

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