Built to Take It

By , April 25, 2014
Book cover of Built to Take It by Tom Wayman

Cover of Built to Take It

Selected Poems

Tom Wayman

$19.95 paperback (9780899241357)
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Published: March 2014
180 Pages, 6 x 9 in.
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In an era in which North American poetry has become increasingly the poetry of private experience and experiment, it is stunning to realize that we have among us a poet of tremendous public power and importance. This extensive sample of the narrative and lyrical work of one of Canada’s foremost poets is filled with passionate regard for the threatened beauty of the natural world, the lives of ordinary beings of every species and character, and for the love that is our best hope for peace.

Tom Wayman was born in Ontario in 1945, but has spent most of his life in British Columbia. He has been awarded the Canadian Authors’ Association medal for poetry, the A.J.M. Smith Prize for distinguished achievement in Canadian poetry and first prize in the USA Bicentennial Poetry Awards competition. He has published nineteen collections of poems, two volumes of short fiction, three collections of nonfiction, and a novel. He has also edited six anthologies. His poetry has appeared in literary magazines across the world, including The Paris Review, Denver Quarterly, Iowa Review, Willow Springs, The TriQuarterly, The Hudson Review, Canadian Forum, and dozens of others. He has taught at a number of universities, including the universities of Windsor, Toronto, Alberta, and Calgary, and has held the Ralph Gustafson Poetry Chair at B.C.’s Malaspina University-College. He co-founded the Vancouver Industrial Writers Union, the Vancouver Centre of the Kootenay School of Writing, and the writing department at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, B.C. He is director of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Nelson’s Oxygen Art Centre, and the Kootenay Literary Society. He is Squire of “Appledore,” his estate in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern British Columbia.

Wayman brings to bear his craftsman’s toolbelt of comedy and compassion, a pure and tender lyric mode, the elegy of praise and of mourning. —Quill and Quire

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