Angels at Bus Stops

By , September 9, 2014
Book cover of Angels at Bus Stops by Jon Veinberg

Cover of Angels at Bus Stops


Jon Veinberg

$16.95 paperback (9780899241371)
hardcover not available
Published: September 2014
80 pages, 6 x 8.5 in.
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Jon Veinberg was born in Germany shortly after his family fled Estonia. He has twice been the recipient of NEA grants in poetry, and his work has appeared in POETRY, Ploughshares, The Missouri Review, The Gettysburg Review, Black Warrior Review, Quarterly West, SENTENCE, and Miramar.

Veinberg gives himself over to his subjects completely. His voice is at once replete with experiential detail and with imaginative and brilliant image making. Every Veinberg poem has a forceful rhythm, a syntax that sings just above the edge of the vernacular. His cast of characters populate the poor side of town and he is their voice, their witness-a larger conscience for us all. Few poets have his grit, empathy, invention, and original vision. -Christopher Buckley

His poems have a strong sense of conflict and drama. They try to tell the truth about ordinary people-they also grant those people their individuality and dignity. -Edward Hirsch

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