Blue Lynx Prize

By , July 24, 2011

Each year since 1998, Lynx House Press has run the book-length poetry contest called the Blue Lynx Prize. The winner of the prize receives a $2000 prize and publication of their manuscript. You can find more information on guidelines for the Blue Lynx Prize here.

Winners of the Blue Lynx Prize:

1998 Sunday Afternoons with Tolstoy
by Lynne Burris Butler
1999 Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire
by Carolyn Wright
2000 Driving Face Down
by Doren Robbins
2001 Change, the Skinny Man
by Robert Gregory
2002 A Book Called Rats
by Miguel Murphy
2003 My Work Among the Faithful
by Lisa Beskin
2004 The Sleep Accusations
by Randall Watson
2005 The Museum of Natural History
by Julie Gamberg
2006 Revolt of the Crash-Test Dummies
by Jim Daniels
2007 This Dirty Little Heart
by B. T. Shaw
2008 Boys Whistling like Canaries
by Jorn Ake
2009 The Surfacing of Excess
by Arianne Zwartjes
2010 If This World Falls Apart
by Lou Lipsitz
2011 Last Night
by Thomas Brush
2012 Starlight Taxi
by Roy Bentley
2013 Open 24 Hours
by Suzanne Lummis
2014 Elephant Raga
by Prartho Sereno
2015 Unfinished Figures
by Dave Nielsen

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